Injury or Just Soreness? Knowing When Your Shoulder Pain Requires Medical Intervention

Have you recently hurt your shoulder in an accident or while playing a sport? Is the soreness not going away, despite using ice packs and getting plenty of rest? You may be afraid to resume your normal routine, while not feeling like your normal self. Though prolonged soreness is to be expected after an injury, after a certain point it may be time to have a doctor take a look at your injury to make sure that it isn’t something more serious.

Fortunately, Dr. Todd Koppel at Regen Pain NJ in New Jersey is an expert at shoulder injuries. Even if you walk away from an accident feeling relatively fine, you should still schedule an appointment for a thorough examination to rule out any complications.

Why you should seek medical care

You may be bruised, but otherwise fine, a few days after the incident, but it’s still important to be examined anyway. Some injuries may have delayed symptoms, or symptoms that are mild enough that you don’t notice them at first. But if your pain worsens from going about your normal routine, you have difficulties lifting household objects, have trouble rotating, or putting on shirts, those could be signs that you need medical help.

But even if you aren’t sure you need medical help, it’s better to be safe and schedule an exam with Dr. Koppel anyway. Seeking help sooner rather than later can make for an easier healing process and prevent any lingering discomfort. The sooner you start a pain management treatment, the sooner you can start feeling like your old self and resume your normal activities.

What kind of treatment to expect

The treatment you receive will depend on the severity of your injury and how quickly you come in for help. Dr. Koppel is an experienced pain specialist who offers a wide range of treatments for pain management, including epidurals and trigger point injections. He may also recommend physical therapy or other exercises you can do to slowly regain strength in your injured shoulder.

Learn more about treatment for your hurt shoulder

If your injured shoulder isn’t getting any better, or if you’re concerned about when your soreness is becoming something more serious, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Koppel as soon as possible. We have three different New Jersey locations:







You can also schedule an appointment at any of the above locations online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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